Why Chess is different but interesting from other games?

2 min readJul 7, 2020

If you find Chess boring, illogical, and time waste then you might have to change your perspective. Here’s why?

Chess pieces in Silver and Gold colour.

You may find a Chess game boring because you didn’t study and learn it well. Chess is not a sports game but a white-black check-board game and is also called the royal game. It was played by many Kings, Queens, and Emperors in the past. As till now, it has been the best strategic and focused mind game of all time.

The first thing which makes chess different from other games is that it is not any sports game but it is a totally focused mind game to keep a strong eye on your opponent’s move and strategies. Accordingly, you can make your strategy to get the game on your side. The other thing is that the one crooked move can lead you to defeat, or maybe you have to change your plan, which is a bit more challenging.

One crooked move and you lose your kingdom.
Chess: White Queen piece checkmated the Black King piece.

The most interesting thing about Chess is every chess might have relatively the same starting moves or openings but the game is just not the same. If you ever have played chess then you might have noticed that every coming moves and strategy are unique and different, That’s what crafts the suspense and mystery for the players to make their move more challenging for their opponents. This is where players’ interests are caught by that game which intends them to make their best strategy to win.

(Personally, I find chess an interesting game than other games. As it tends me to think over the game to make my best move which would create a difficult situation for the opponent)

Some players learned from the Chess game when they make a mistake in the game they focus on their weakness and practice it to not make that mistake again. This trains their minds to work and look for a solution or best moves when they get stuck in any type of difficult situation either in the game or life.

Now, if you don’t know how to play Chess? Then I hope after reading this you might get interested in learning it. Aren’t you?