4 things you should do in 2024 to make your time productive?

3 min readDec 31, 2021

Everyone, would have experienced different things in 2023, based on their different businesses.

So, I ask you. Are you satisfied with how you spend your life in 2023?

If Yes, then you are willing to spend your 2024 more productive.

If No, then definitely you are here to overcome your mistakes and make your time precious and productive in 2024.

Here’s the 4 things you should do in 2024 to make your time productive and peaceful, which i think are most important.

1. Learning New Skills

It’s the main thing to do to survive in the new upcoming Meta Future. Because, technology is growing ‘day by day' or we should say ‘second by second’.

So, one can not grow in any business with past knowledge, and you will have to learn and enhance your new skills to survive in the storm of new ideas, which are being generated every second.

In 2024, people with more likely to have more experience in any skill will grow faster than ever, and demand of experienced people will increases in the upcoming future.

So, you must have to enhance your knowledge and skill with time to better understand the demands of people.

2. Make a Website

Making your own website is like being an Entrepreneur of specific skill.
If you have got skill and want to serve it in productive way, then make your own website. By WordPress, Wix, etc..

On which you can do your online business like selling products, writing blog posts, articles, selling courses, anything.

Having own website is like you make an environment where you share your knowledge and get paid when people visits your website and spend time on it.

2024 is going to be an outburst of online businesses. So, one should have its own website to have a better portfolio to compete with these businesses.

3. Understanding the importance of Social Media

Social media has a wide and deep influence on the people.

You can not grow your online business at higher level, without the use of Social Media ( like.. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn).

Mostly, Facebook and Instagram are the best apps to use for promotion of your business. WhatsApp can be of better use if you create a business group and a community.

So, social media apps are the best way to let people know about your business and more reaches on your website.

4. Reading Books in Free Time

This should be your habit to read books in your free time.

Business related books can widely help you to understand it’s important aspects in life.

Reading a page or two is better than not reading. As, it can increase your thinking ability and you’ll come up with new ideas and will be able to grow your online business.

So, these are my thoughts about what you should do in 2024.

After all, we must live a life in which we can help others by sharing our knowledge. Every end is a new beginning, so try your best in this year 2024.

Thanks for Reading!