How I started and played my first game on Chess?

3 min readJul 24, 2020


You may know the fact that the start of anything is hard, right? But, in my case here it was not hard but not easy though normal we can say. Here’s how.

Once on my PC(Personal Computer), I was wandering through folders to folders and incidents happen. What? I reach the folder where there was an application with an image of Black and white-colored shapes. At first, I was not supposed to click on it and was going to close the folder but then something about that application I don’t know what, influences me to click on it and then, there appears a screen with a word “Chess Board-Game” written on it.

I move forward and then an option appears of “How to play Chess” I completed the tutorial but it gave me no idea of playing it. My first game started and I was playing against the computer. But, I didn’t know anything about the game. I had black pieces of Chess and a computer Player had white pieces. After all the games started and the first move played by the computer, I still didn’t know what to do. I just clicked on one of the pieces and it showed me the directions to make my move.

I continued that game with the directions which I was getting by clicking on the pieces of Chess. Since I was a beginner so I lost my first Chess game besides Computer player had knocked out almost all of my pieces except king even though I knocked out some too.

But now, I was knowing little much about the Chess game and the moves of the specific pieces of Chess. Also, the names of the pieces like Pawns, Bishops, Knights. Rooks, Queen, and King.

After I lost my first game against the computer, I played way too many games against the computer and lost many games as well. But, once I got the full knowledge about the game and the moves of it then I was able to defeat computer players in every game.

My First defeat motivated me to play more to know more and hence, now I know to play a Chess game.

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